Cajon la Perù CP 4019 Cosmic - Schlagwerk

Cajon la PerùCajon la Perù

CP4019 Cosmic

The attractive burl pattern on the wood draws the eye. The Gabon wood resonance box ensures that this exceptionally beautiful instrument also brings that rich punch typical of Schlagwerk to the stage.

Playing surface: Cosmic burl design veneer
Body: 7 layers of Gabon (Aucoumea klaineana), approx. 30 x 30 x 50 cm
Sound: punchy bass – extremely present high tones

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Cajon la PerùCajon la Perù

Setting the tone for modern cajon sound.

Leagues ahead in quality and sound definition: tried and tested a thousand times, La Perù® technology is based on special cajon strings, whose individual sounds can be adjusted with the help of tuning screws located at the base.The playing surfaces are supported by bases made of optimised woods.

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SET75 Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
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The combination of Heck Stick and Side Kick as a set seems to be especially worthwhile. The Side Kick fits exactly on the mounting plate of the Heck Stick. In this manner, both components of the set can be attached to both sides together or independently of each other, depending on your playing technique. The resulting variety of combinations makes it possible for everyone to play an individual set-up.

CBT10 Cajon Bass Tube
Cajon Bass Tube
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The new Cajon Bass Tube provides a rich bass drum sound.  And it couldn't be easier: simply slide the Cajon Bass Tube into the rear sound hole – and that's it.  No screwing or gluing together necessary.  From now on palpable and powerful low frequencies can be produced.  At the same time, the Cajon Bass Tube generates the typical drum-like distinction between snare and bass range.
The Schlagwerk Cajon Bass Tube is optimised for all Schlagwerk cajons, but can also be used on all other cajons with a sound hole diameter of approx. 12cm.


TA3 Cajon carry case
Cajon carry case
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This well-padded Cajon gig bag offers optimal protection and comfort during transport. With 2 additional pockets, one with expanding gusset (plenty of extra space for Heck Stick, Side Kick, Shaker, and other equipment).

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SIZ10 Sizzle Board
Sizzle Board
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SH10 Shake Hand
Shake Hand
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ECA70 Ergo Cajon-Adapter
Ergo Cajon-Adapter
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Drumheads Magazine Award "best cajon of the year"Drumheads Magazine Award "best cajon of the year"

Drumheads Magazine Award "best cajon of the year"

A few minutes ago our Cajon la Perù Anniversary model CP4025 was honoured with the Drumheads Magazine Award for "best cajon of the year". We're really happy to receive this award that shows that everybody who worked on this instrument did a great job. Thanks go to Drumheads Magazine and their readers.

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Lone Star
Guitar Center
Music 123
Musicians Friend

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